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12v Ice Hole Warmer

12v Ice Hole Warmer

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Never miss a strike again because of a froze in fishing line! These fantastic floating warmers will keep your fishing hole open as well as prevent ice from building up on your fishing line. Works off any 12 volt battery and only uses 25 Watts of power. They come with 30’ of attached power cord with heavy duty battery clips for securely connecting to your battery. The floating warmer is 7” in diameter and will work in 8” and 10” fishing holes. The outer edge of the warmer is heated by an element of which an extra length extends outside the warmer. After you drop your lure down the hole, place the floating warmer in the hole with your fishing line positioned between the warmer and the extra length of element. When you get one on the line just lift the floating warmer out of the hole and reel in your catch!


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