Epoxy Fish Hook Coasters

Pick your favorite fish hook submerged in epoxy! Many styles! How cool is this?!

More Styles!

Official Sask Shirts!

My very own logo's! Please choose from multiple designs for your preference!


Catch N Cooks

My passion is fishing and cooking outdoors! We try many methods of fish fries including split log cooking!

My YouTube

Living The Dream Doing My Favorite Hobby!

I fish and strive to create better content on a daily basis! We do many catch n cooks with different cooking styles! Using new technologgy along with old bush craft knowledge such as ferro rods for firing up the cooker for our catches!

Welcome To My Life!

  • Trout Fishing

    Details on how I catch Trout.

  • Outdoor Cooking

    Fish fries on many episodes on how I cook fish.

  • Kelly Kettle

    Cooking and purifying water with survival gear.